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How An Advance Directive Can Help You

We often think that we are the only ones who will make decisions about our health and care as we age. If we are lucky, we may be in a position to maintain decision-making power about our health. Often, however, people become seriously ill or incapacitated. An advance directive allows you to make your wishes known in the event you cannot make or express your own decisions.

New Hampshire recognizes two kinds of advance directives:

  1. A living will provide instructions to a health care provider about what kind of medical care you do (or do not) want if you become incapacitated, permanently unconscious or otherwise unable to make decisions regarding your care. These documents may outline your preferences regarding life support, surgery and artificial nutrition.
  2. A durable power of attorney allows you to name a friend, relative, spouse or another trusted person to make medical decisions for you.

At The Law Offices of Stanley H. Robinson, I have 35 years of people guiding people through difficult decisions, so they can live their most fulfilling lives. My goal is to understand your values and priorities as they relate to your health care and finances, so we can collaborate on an estate plan that meets your goals.

Why Advance Directives Matter

Few people relish the idea of making important decisions about their end-of-life care or finances. Young people, in particular, are reluctant to develop an estate plan because they believe they do not need one. However, anyone can unexpectedly fall ill or be injured in an accident. Putting an estate plan into place, particularly an advance directive, can save you and your loved one’s significant stress and pain in the future.

Do I Really Need An Attorney?

There is a multitude of “DIY” advance directive forms online, which leads many people to wonder whether it is truly beneficial to work with an estate planning attorney. Indeed, under New Hampshire law, an advance directive does not need to be drafted or signed by a lawyer. However, working with an experienced attorney is sometimes the only way to avoid costly and stressful mistakes in your estate plan.

Get Answers Today – Call For A Free Consultation

At The Law Offices of Stanley H. Robinson, I offer a free initial consultation to answer your questions about advance directives and help you develop a plan that meets your present and future goals. To learn more, please contact my office in Tilton at 603-729-3368 or send me an email and expect a prompt response.

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