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Custom-Tailored Estate Plans

There are many reasons that people delay building an estate plan. Some people think they do not have a significant enough estate to merit planning for it. Others are uncomfortable making decisions with which their loved ones may disagree. Most people simply fail to find the time.

No reason is good enough, though, to deny you and your family the protection and peace of mind that an effective estate plan can offer.

Building A Plan Around Your Needs

I can help you understand how and which estate planning tools can help you and your loved ones. I work to make the process as easy as possible for my clients. Learning who you are and what your goals are is an integral part of that process. The best estate plan for you may be simple or it may need to be more complex. The tools I use to help meet people’s needs include:

35 Years Of Experience Helping People Build Effective Estate Plans

I am attorney Stanley H. Robinson. Since 1980, I have been helping people deal with legal issues in Tilton and elsewhere in New Hampshire. I assist people with all aspects of estate planning, including planning for nursing home expenses and other issues. Part of my commitment to my clients is to not offer them more than they need. When a will alone is sufficient for your estate planning needs, I will draft the will you need and not pressure you to do more. But if your estate is best served with a comprehensive plan, my experience can help ensure that you have exactly the estate plan you need.

Call or contact my office online for a free initial consultation. Let me help you with your estate planning needs.

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