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Wrecks can happen in the blink of an eye, but the damages are probably going to last much longer. The more you’re hurting after an accident, the more it’s likely going to cost to recover. It can be hard to find the money for treatment, but medical evidence could show the way.

Car accidents cost tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses, wages lost and property damage on average. Accidents that lead to disabling injuries can reach upwards of $90,000. If you were in an accident and need help covering costs, you may be able to mount a claim showing you need assistance. But it’s not always easy to get as much as you need, so you’ll need to back up your case with medical evidence.

Let the medical record show

Getting compensation for your injuries isn’t simple, but a well-rounded medical picture can help you get there:

  • Test results: You’ll want to show what tests you had done and what the results were. The hard science involved in testing can give you strong evidence to back up your claim. Make sure to get the results for any work you had done, including MRIs for torn ligaments, CT scans for internal injuries and X-rays for broken bones.
  • Doctor’s notes: Your physician’s notes can provide the tipping point for everything in your case. It might be up to them to frame your results through the proper lens to show that your wreck did cause your injury. It can also be up to them to showcase ailments that test results may not show. You could face damages that come from a traumatic brain injury (TBI), but the courts would never see proof unless your doctor spells it out.
  • Treatment records: The severity of your injuries can play another large role in determining compensation. If you need to go through extensive treatment like ongoing therapy, multiple operations and continued medication, you’ll want to chronicle the whole journey. Saying your injuries arose from the accident is one thing, but showing how long the process took and how much money it costs can bring it all into focus.

The price tag after an accident can be overwhelming, but medical proof can help you make your case. Make sure you’ve got complete records, and you could be one step closer to getting the help you need.