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Uber and Lyft have become extremely convenient ways to get around in cities across the state. It is very easy to hail an Uber anywhere in New Hampshire. However, Uber drivers can still end up in car accidents like any other driver even if they are not the ones primarily at fault.

You will naturally feel angry and upset after an auto accident, but you may also have a lot of questions. You were not the one behind the wheel, and you do not own the car. Many people may feel as though they do not have to do anything at the scene, but there are actions you can take, especially if you believe you sustained injuries.

Get insurance information

Even if you feel fine after an accident, you should still obtain everyone’s insurance information. Some injuries do not develop symptoms until the next day, so it is always a good idea to see the doctor regardless of how you feel.

Write down the Uber driver’s insurance information as well as the information from the other driver involved in the crash. The driver’s personal policy should pay for any medical expenses, and hopefully, the independent contractor will carry commercial auto insurance.

Consider legal options

It is extremely difficult to sue Uber and Lyft as companies because drivers are independent contractors and not actually employees. However, the organizations do carry some liability insurance. Regardless, it is a good idea to inform the company of the incident, so it can take necessary action on that end.

Most people involved in ridesharing accidents have not had much luck filing lawsuits against such major corporations. Therefore, you should consider this option as a last resort. You may be able to get all the compensation you need through the driver’s insurance.