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There are many ways for people to develop post-traumatic stress disorder. While people typically associate the disorder with refugees and military veterans, it is also possible for people involved in a serious car crash to develop PTSD. The anxiety can become so severe the person becomes unable to step foot inside a car. 

There are many ways for a person to move on from an auto accident. However, even if a person receives monetary compensation for any injuries, there is still the psychological toll to consider. Everyone’s case will be different, but there are techniques for alleviating the mental impact of a traumatic event. 


Self-care is a crucial part of getting back on track. Injured people need to be gentle with themselves and take things slowly until they can move on. People involved in car accidents should make sure to maintain a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise. They should also take time for activities they enjoy, as well as for family members and friends to take the mind off the stresses and anxieties of life. 

Taking a defensive driving course

A common reason for anxiety after a car crash is due to the perception the person is no longer in control. A good way to regain that idea is to take a defensive driving course to learn new skills and feel more confident in one’s ability to drive. 


Accident victims should speak with a doctor before starting any new medication. While some people are naturally hesitant to take new medication, other people will find it to be an immense help. 


In extreme cases, a person should consider undergoing psychotherapy after a car crash. Sometimes it is the only way to tame the symptoms that come with PTSD. There are many different types of therapy available, including hypnotherapy, emotional freedom techniques and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing.