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Despite efforts all over the country, traffic-related fatalities do not seem to go down. New Hampshire offers a particularly stark example of this trend. Traffic fatalities were nearly 61 percent higher in the first six months in 2016 compared to the previous year. 

After sustaining a serious injury in a car accident, the people involved should contact the police and see a doctor. However, every year people make small mistakes that end up having disastrous consequences. Following an accident, you should receive an examination from a doctor and make sure to avoid these common errors. 

1. Flee the scene

You may not think a collision was that bad, but you always want to pull off to the side of the road to ensure everyone is all right. Even small accidents can result in significant health issues. Fleeing the scene of an accident is a hit and run, and you may end up damaging your case or encountering more severe charges. 

2. Try to clean up

If there are pieces of a car in the road, then do not attempt to pick them up. For starters, it is dangerous to try to remove things from an active roadway. However, it can also impede the police investigation. Contact law enforcement so that they can file a police report with as many details as possible. 

3. Play off aches and pains

Many accidents result in minor injuries. You may feel a slight ache in your neck or back. Perhaps there is a small bruise on your body. While it may be easy to shrug it off, you never know if there is a more serious problem lurking underneath the surface. 

4. Claim responsibility

All people involved in a car accident will naturally feel shaken up. However, you do not want to admit any portion of responsibility. It may be unclear initially who is ultimately at fault. The last thing you want to do is compromise your claim by saying you did something wrong.