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Winter may be the season most people associate with personal injuries. After all, everyone seems to know someone who slipped and fell on ice or who got into a terrible car accident on a snowy day.

However, summer comes with its share of personal injuries, many of them unique to warmer weather. Here is an overview of some.

Water injuries

Injuries related to swimming pools are common during the summer, whether they are slips-and-falls around the pool or someone hitting his or her head on the diving board. Even a freezer laboring in a hot store could quit, and the melting ice pools into water for someone to slip on.

Also, whether you are swimming in a pool, at a lake or in the ocean, injuries can happen, especially if someone in your party is a child and/or a new swimmer.


There are many ways to get injured on/near July 4th, such as buying fireworks from an unauthorized source or making your own. In New Hampshire this July 4 season, fireworks exploded in the cargo space of an SUV that was burning. Fortunately, there were no injuries—but what about the next time something like this happens?


Speaking of fire, it is responsible for plenty of grilling injuries. Check your grill every year before breaking it out for the summer (it should not leak!), and keep propane tanks and flammable items out of the sun. Always have your grill supervised when it is in use.


In the summer, animals such as pet dogs and cats may be out and darting in front of cars. The same goes for bicyclists, pedestrians and small children. A vehicle striking any of these could result in catastrophic injury. For that matter, some people drink and drive more in the summer due to increased socializing. A glass of wine at lunch can easily turn into two, three or more, and a collision could lead to the driver causing conditions such as traumatic brain injury to others.